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Kenny Wong sings and dances in the film, which amazes Niki Chow

Niki Chow feels her mob boss lady role is fully challenging
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Niki Chow and Kenny Wong promote THE BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL

In the film Niki Chow and Kenny Wong dance on the streets
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In the film THE BROTHERHOOD OF REBEL (JAT JIK 2), Kenny Wong Tak Bun and Niki Chow Lai Kei played a couple, the mob big brother and big sister. Tak Bun in the past has been in mobster films, now as he has aged he would have to play the boss. As for Niki, she rarely worked on mobster films in the past. For her first time she played a mob boss lady and still did not need any dominance. Only in the end when she had to avenge Tak Bun she came out and took over. She said, "Actually I want to try playing a big sister and say 'I'll kill your whole family!'"

Tak Bun and Niki have worked together before, but this was the first time they had scenes together and played a loving couple. In the film Tak Bun had to sing, and even dance on the streets with Niki. Tak Bun said that before the performance he did not particularly practice, because in the film he was not a singer. He improvised on the spot. He said that previously he very daringly went on tour and sang the series WHEN HEAVEN BURNS (TIN YU DEI)'s theme song. As for the dancing in the streets scene with Niki, Tak Bun stated that he suggested it to the director in order to add to the romantic atmosphere. Niki said that in the scene actually Tak Bun got drunk and danced on the streets. She rushed out to protect him but he got run over.

Niki remembered that the film was her first after giving birth, and it was shot at the peak of the pandemic. Because she had seniors and child at home, she actually was very worried. Luckily the team all wore masks during the shoot. When she go home she would first quarantine and disinfect herself. At home she still continued to wear her mask to ensure her family's safety. She recalled having to disinfect everyday and take tests, and really did not want to have another experience like those again. Also because she stopped working for a long time for the pregnancy, she got used to getting rest. Niki said that almost the entire shoot was at night, the first day she even went all night. "For my first scene I was already very sleepy. After two or three days I began to get used to it."

Tak Bun in recent years has made attempts in many different areas. He has transitioned to comedy and host travel specials. Would he continue to work on action films? He said, "I would, while I can still move. I am still training, but I really want to make some realistic, small budget films with characters of flesh and blood." Would he like to make a dramatic film? He said, "Not necessarily, drama would be even better. When I have time I would go to the library!" Niki said that now her son is already over 3 and started school, she could have a few more hours of private time and return to work anew. In the future she would work on a new Tencent series. Would she consider having another child? She said, "I didn't realize the first came while I was working, but I would leave it to nature. Taking care of one already requires a lot of energy, I really don't dare to think about having a second."

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