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The film STAND UP STORY (SUET SIU JI YUN)'s leads Ben Yuen Fu Wa and Ng Siu Hin's delicate performance has touched people's hearts. Earlier the film took part in the 10th Silk Road International Film Festival in Fuzhou. Director Au Cheuk Man and Ng Siu Hin attended the film festival events as the representatives.

Ng Siu Hin said that the happiest part about participating in the film festival had to be meeting the viewers after the screening. He was very surprised that the Fuzhou audience liked this movie very much. Because the promotional team ran into some mishap on their arrival date, Ng Siu Hin and the director rushed from the airport to the cinema to meet the audience. When they arrived the screening has been over for almost 20 minutes, but when they entered the cinema they realized that the audience was still waiting and even welcomed them with passionate applause. "Seeing the audience's reaction, I was very touched to be able to bring the movie to different places. This is the first time I attend the film festival with the director, so I just find out that the director doesn't speak Putonghua. Luckily I have worked in Taiwan and planned to interpret for the director on the spot. However the director was too emotional, in the end he still conversed with the audience himself. However the audience did not understand him, but everyone experienced the director's sincerity." Hin Jai also said that he was very grateful for the film festival's appreciation of STAND UP STORY. Different from the tradition, the event arranged for a "blue carpet" and not a "red carpet". Hin Jai thought that was interesting and made a wish while walking the "blue carpet". "I hope next year at the Hong Kong Film Awards I would be able to walk the red carpet with Ben Gor!"

Director Au Cheuk Man also said, "This is the second international film festival STAND UP STORY has participated in, and my first in person participation at a film festival. I am very excited for the team, and I am the most concerned with the audience's reactions and exchanges. During the exchanges I asked whether they would be able to understand such a domestic story. They answered that it was very moving and were able to get into the world in the film. I asked if they understood the jokes in it, they said that they did so they both cried and laughed. They also asked some very in depth questions about the movie, I am very happy that viewers of different regions around the world have been able to understand the film. The first red carpet walk of my life is very exciting. I am very happy to see top filmmakers from other places like Wu Jing, Huang Bo, Xu Zheng, representing Hong Kong is even (Donnie) Yen Chi Tan on the jury. At the closing ceremony I see many directors and actors share on the stage how to promote their domestic films internationally and make them even more bright and brilliant. I feel very encouraged, and I also remind myself that the film life has such a duty, to promote the work to even further and wider."

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