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Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Wong Yau Nam, Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Stephy Tang Lai Yun and Kama

Chiu Yi, Stephy, and Kama
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Lau Ching Wan, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Wong Yau Nam, Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Kama Law Hoi San yesterday attended the POKER KING promotional event. Ching Wan expressed that yesterday during the Mid Autumn Festival he and his wife did not go out as they chose to celebrate at him. He joked that at night they were "messing around" at home. When asked whether he had any plan for children, he said that he and his wife were just cooking and moon gazing at the garden. Ching Wan expressed that he was very confident in this film. The film that he provided his voice to, GARFIELD's PET FORCE, opened higher than THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC. He hoped that the audience after watching the happy animation would watch the big film. FOUNDING was accused of being too heavy in its defeat. He said, "No, the subject has some effect but some people want to see the big film. The more genres the better!"

Koo Tin Lok expressed that he spent the Mid Autumn Festival with his family. Was he confident in POKER? He honestly said that he was because during voice work he already thought it was very funny. This film subject was very new. Did he like to gamble? He expressed that he did not because he would tense up when gambling. When he gambled he felt like his blood vessels were rupturing.

Tang Lai Yun was asked about Theresa Fu Wing's Gold Label contract termination. She expressed that she already responded and had no comment. Stephy expressed that this film was her first gambling lesson, which felt very fresh to her. She also would like the chance to make gambling films with women as their subjects. She expressed that she could not accept a guy who gambles because she did not want to lose the hard earned money. Reportedly she was spending more than she was making. Stephy saw the report but said that although she had to make a living for her family and her mother, she was not a big spender. She was also looking for a new home.

"Young model" Kama did not seem too popular. The cast did not converse with her, and next to her Chiu Yi and Tang Lai Yun only chatted among themselves. At the toast, Chiu Yi finally politely raised a glass to her. When asked whether she felt her workload has declined, Kama denied and said, "Actually I had additional shoot for a film. I also helped the modeling company with its lessons." Earlier Kama revealed that she planned to work in Japan. Yesterday she expressed that because she was too lazy to learn Japanese she has given up. Now she would consider Taiwan because her Mandarin was decent.

Ho Chiu Yi earlier visited her father Stanley Ho Hung Sun at the hospital. Chiu Yi expressed that she just saw him during the Mid Autumn Festival and told him that she would have a movie about gambling opening soon. She had to play a "gambling queen". She said, "I asked Papa to give me some momentum because back then Papa's gambling momentum was very strong." Chiu Yi also said that she already told her father the director was Chan Hing Ka, who directed her Best Supporting Actress award winning NAKED AMBITION (HO CHING). She would like to continue the success. Would she like her father to be released from the hospital and attend the premiere? She said, "Hopefully, if I told him this time I would get an award, Papa would come immediately." Ho Chiu expressed that winning an award with a comedy actually was very hard. She hoped that she would have the chance.

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