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The Ann Hui On Wa directed, Deanie Ip Tak Han and Andy Lau Tak Wa starred film A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) has been honored repeatedly.  After awards in Venice and Taiwan, earlier on the 30th at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival Official Competition EurAsia Jury Awards won Best Picture, Best Actress and the FICC (The International Federation of Film Clubs) Awards.

The jury agreed that A SIMPLE LIFE described in detail the master and servant relationship between Sister Peach and Roger and even praised Ip Tak Han's performance, which displayed both Sister Peach's introverted and enthusiastic personality.  She truly deserved the award.  Due to the fierce competition this year, the jury did not decide the results until 2AM the night before.  Thus it could not invite Hui On Wa and Ip Tak Han to attend the award presentation.  The event hoped that they would attend next year as jury members and then will be able to personally accept the awards.

Ip Tak Han in less than two days after winning the Golden Horse Award again received good news from as far as Russia.  She admitted that it was very sudden.  She was pleased as she said, "This good news truly came very suddenly, but the most touching was I was able to receive the award without having to attend their ceremony.  This is a truly meaningful film award presentation.  Once a New York Chinese award originally wanted to present an award to me, but because I couldn't attend it cancelled my award.  Such an award ceremony is meaningless.  I hope Hong Kong wouldn't have this type of awards!"

Sister Deanie once saw a solar eclipse while visiting Russia.  She also watched some Russian films at the cinema and thought that their film quality was decent.  She even stressed that she would never watch a movie online, which was a film supporting attitude.  She said, "I only watch movies at the cinema or on DVD; usually I watch movies that I like more than once, with a DVD I can watch it again anytime.  WEST SIDE STORY is an exciting musical film that I never get tired of.  I look forward to A SIMPLE LIFE to become a Hong Kong film classic that no one can get tired of in the future."

Hui On Wa's first response to the film winning award is, "Oh!  A SIMPLE LIFE went to Russia, I never imagine it would go to someplace so far and still have viewers who like our movie.  I am really too happy."  Lau Tak Wa was just as excited and again showed gratitude.  "Heaven truly is spoiling us.  Go Hong Kong film!"

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