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The Eric Tsang Chi Wai directed and starred holiday film I LOVE HONG KONG 2012 (2012 NGOR OI HK HEI SEUNG GA HEI) yesterday shot a musical number ending at Television City.  Aside from Chi Wai, recent news figure Zhang Xinyu, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and Maggie Siu Mei Kei were present.  Public relations stated that Zhang Xinyu would not accept any interview, but after the group photo when reporters approached her she did not avoid them.  She only sighed and said that she ultimately had to face them then stood still for an interview.

Did she learn Cantonese?  She said that she did not because Ron Ng Cheuk Hei did not teach her.  On this trip to Hong Kong she has not seen him because she has been at work since arriving in Hong Kong.  Were they dating?  She asked everyone to give them a little space.  She will stay for five to six days on this trip.  After the shoot she will work on her photo book.  As for her supposed failed stock investments, she said that she did not invest in stocks because she did not know how to.  She also said that many reports made something out of nothing.  Speaking of her posting a bed photo on Ng Cheuk Hei's personal microblog, she said that she was not careful and it was an accident and a low level mistake.  She also had to apologize because the matter brought trouble to many.  When she arrived she did not accept any interview, did Ng Cheuk Hei ask her to keep her mouth shut?  She said no, but the schedule was very intense.  In addition the film company did not make any arrangement.  Speaking of her constantly checking up on Ng Cheuk Hei's whereabouts, she said that was a part of dating.  It was very normal and she was not keeping an eye on him.  It was mutual respect.  Were they dating then?  She said, "You ask him.  (He admitted it?)  No, spare me!  Girls can't say too much, I am afraid the more I say the more mistakes I make.  (Do you love him?)  You love him more."

Chi Wai revealed that after last night musical number, they will shoot at Central and whoever will be free will show up.  Why did he not ask Ng Cheuk Hei?  He joked, "He doesn't have time, and they don't need to see each other day and night."  He revealed that Ng Cheuk Hei will guest star, like Wong Chung Chak contributed Myolie Wu Hung Yi.  Will Zhang Xinyu have any bed scene in the film?  Chi Wai said no because the film will be very healthy and suitable for the entire family.  Sin Kwok Lam accepted Benny Chan Ho Man's apology.  Chi Wai said, "If everything is fine then it's OK, the less trouble the better.  (Did you plead on his behalf?)  Many spoke up, I helped a little.  (Did you tell Ho Man to make a donation to End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation?)  No, maybe he just had a baby and felt that he had to protect the child.  (Would you ask him to keep his hands to himself from now on?)  After so much trouble, he knows."

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