Tuesday, December 20, 2011


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Taiwan idol group Lollipop F last night received Yahoo! Best Group award and came to Hong Kong to accept it.  In the afternoon they first appeared on a Metro Radio interview.  Owodog would continue his film performance and in February would release a picture book.  Thus everyday he would be at the library to concentrate on his artwork; William joked that the artwork Owodog posted online were still very rotten.  Owodog joked, "My band mates are have other jobs.  I have to release my own brand for my own sake, but I won't close like William's store.  Even if we collaboration I would only ask a few good friends and not him, because his business mind is a little strange!"

Also participating in film next year, has William thought about working with rumored girlfriend Puff Kuo?  He said that he could work with anyone.  A-Wei was also preparing an action film and revealed that earlier he met with Master Sin Kwok Lam.  However he learned that recently he was very angry, he only sent a text message to greet him and wished the Master good health and for his newborn child to grow up fast.  He did not dare to ask about anything sensitive.  Later at the Master's convenience they would meet for dinner.  Owodog earlier worked with Elanne Kong Yeuk Lam on a film.  As for rumors that she was dating Mainland actor Yuan Hong, Owodog said that lately he has not contacted her so he was unsure about her new romance.  Was he not rumored to be dating Kong Yeuk Lam?  He said, "When we worked together we got along very well, but like good friends or brothers."  He jokingly said to the other three, "See? when you make movies you get to date!"

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