Friday, December 16, 2011


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The film DAI JOOK HEI KET (VULGAR COMEDY) yesterday held a production start ceremony.  Attending actors were Chapman To Man Jat, DaDa Chen Jing, Jim Chim Shui Man, Susan Shaw Yam Yam and others.  Chen Jing yesterday appeared in a low cut dress without any fear of the chill.  Producer Ah Jat pointed out that every one of Chen Jing's costume will be sexy; he also said that this film will be a category III film.  It will have a lot of foul language and thus Hong Kong will be its primary market.

Chen Jing will perform in her first category III film but she will not strip.  In the film she will play an "explosion girl" but she will have to keep how explosive a secret for now.  Was she afraid that after making this film she will be typecast as a category III star?  Chen Jing said that she was not and she will not need to strip in the film.  Mainly the film will have a lot of foul language.  However the film will have a "car rocking" scene.

Chen Jing every year has posed for a sexy calendar, this year she will not.  She explained that she has done it a few times already and she was afraid that everyone would get tired of it.  Thus this year she will leave the task to her junior colleagues while she will focus on making a movie.  Will she not be sexy again?  She thought that she will because being sexy helped, she did not have to make picture books and calendars all the time.

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