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THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) has many action scenes.  Not only brothers Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) fight with Andy On Chi Kit and Jimmy Hung Tin Chiu, even lead actress Lin Peng
put herself on the line for stunts.  As she dove from the deck to the bottom of the ship, the crew's heart beats quicken.

Lin Peng's high dive was heart pounding, but she said it was a lot of fun.  "My previous action scenes were all in costumes, flying back and forth in long robes and sleeves and make pretty moves; this time is completely different.  I am casually dressed, which is even more beneficial to the action shoot.  As soon as I get shot I fall to the bottom of the ship, it feels so cool!"

Tse Ting Fung has many combat scenes on the oil tanker, including one with Hung Tin Chiu.  It started six in the morning and shot straight for almost ten hours before completion.  In another scene Ting Fung jumps from the oil tanker into the sea.  Ting Fung stands on the tail of the ship and is four stories above the sea.  Although the waves are strong, Ting Fung without any hesitation dives in.  However Ting Fung is almost swept under the ship.  The rescue divers due to the sudden wave cannot save him in time.  Luckily Ting Fung is a strong swimmer and immediately surfaces, leaving everyone to breathe a sigh of relief.

Chow Kit Lun also has a series of gun fights.  In order to handle the extremely exhausting action, he arrives at the set early in the morning for warm up.  The cargoes on the oil tanker are set up like a giant maze.  Chairman Chou dodges bullets and grenades between the cargoes and at the same time has to perform a series of shots in mid air.  Because the end of the maze is the sea, during the shoot the crew put Chairman Chou on wires to prevent him from not being able to brake in time and falling into the sea.

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