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Completing the seven city promotion that included Hong Kong and Beijing, the film MAGIC TO WIN (HOI SUM MOR FAT)'s team yesterday reached the final "Asian premiere tour" stop in Changsha, Hunan.  Producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming along with stars Yan Ni, Karena Ng Chin Yu and others appeared.  Wong Pak Ming admitted that the film had no box office pressure.  He hoped that it would pass 100 million.  He also said that HAPPY GHOST (HOI SUM GWAI) is already a classic and would not keep making sequels.

Although big blockbusters gathered this December as FLOWERS OF WAR, FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE (LUNG MOON FEI GAP) and others are on their way, MAGIC TO WIN chose to be the holiday's first shot with an early release.  Was it avoiding box office pressure?  Wong Pak Ming replied that no pressure was present, as long as viewers liked it then it was fine.  "I can predict the box office, but of course I hope it will pass 100 million!"  As for the new film being called the HAPPY GHOST series escalation version, Wong Pak Ming clarified that the subjects were completely different.  "The only connection is I appear again and turn from teacher to professor.  My super powers become magic."  HAPPY GHOST series has influenced many film viewers.  Wong Pak Ming said that five films were already enough.  He no longer planned for a sequel.  "Even more classic films have already reached their end.  MAGIC TO WIN will inspire a new series."

Since MAGIC TO WIN's promotion began, Yan Ni who was revealed as registered with boyfriend Wang Wei has become the media's concern.  At the previous premiere stops, Yan Ni remained low key.  Aside from appearances with the team she missed media interviews.  Seemingly she has been deliberately avoiding the media over the "older woman, younger man" subject.

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