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Michael Hui Koon Man on February 10 will perform a stand up comedy show at the Hong Kong Cultural Center to raise fund for suicide prevention hotline.  He said that originally he saved a guest spot for Ricky Hui Koon Ying, but he departed sooner.  He said that this show next year will be the first one that he would perform without Hui Koon Ying.  Every one of his previous performance he arranged for Hui Koon Ying to participate; this time in the show he will also share a lot of Hui Koon Ying memories with the audience.

Hui Koon Ying passed away last month.  Hui Koon Man said that his ashes has already been claimed and his family will spread it at sea.  He said that Sam Hui Koon Kit's mood has already settled down.  Sam also mentioned a show next year, but it would feel different without Hui Koon Ying.  They worked together many times before so it will be very heart breaking.  Hui Koon Man said sentimentally, "There is no reason for my younger brother to go first, and he went so idiotically too.  The doctor told him to go to the emergency room, but he went home to sleep.  He really was an idiot!"

He joked that he would perform the stand up show because his mouth itches and not to grab money.  This time was to raise fund for the suicide prevention hotline, which was something meaningful.  He was very curious about this organization, how at someone's most difficult time it could talk someone out of suicide.  He visited this organization many times for an understanding of its operation and participated in volunteer work.  He thought the volunteers were quite noble and has considered turning this subject into a movie.

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