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The film TURNING POINT 2 (LAUGHING GOR ji CHIM JUI FAN) premiere took place two nights ago in Causeway Bay Jade Palace cinema.  Actors Francis Ng Chun Yu, Michael Tse Tin Wa, Chapman To Man Jat, Kate Tsui Tsz Shan, Janice Man Wing Shan and others attended.

The actors toasted to the new release at the premiere.  The film is slated for a release on the 29th.  Lead Tin Wa said that he was not worried that the film would miss the first round of the Christmas slot.  He thought that on Christmas holidays people might be busy with other matters.  He thought the second round release would not affect the box office.  Tin Wa said, "I only look forward to the box office getting better and better, then dinner inevitably will be my treat.  However I don't need to guess how much the box office will be."

Janice in the film kissed Tse Tin Wa but through glass.  She said, "I thought it was pretty special.  Through glass I really didn't know how to kiss.  Finally it took five or six takes."  Tsui Tsz Shan dressed provocatively for the event.  Janice said that her figure could not rival hers so she dressed casually.  After the premiere, she thanked the director for releasing her scenes in their entirety without any edit.

Ng Chun Yu earlier at the TVB Anniversary Awards presented the Best Actress award to Myolie Wu Hung Yi.  She invited him to participate in TRIUMPH IN THE SKY 2 (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU).  Chun Yu said, "I am working out the details with and saving the slot for TVB, but I never consider guest starring and I don't want to make an exception."  Chun Yu compared himself to an alumnus who returned to work in his alma mater.  He said, "Lately the alma mater is a little strapped and needs help from its alumni.  I am not talking about money but the sequel.  For the sequel to be better than the first it is very hard."  Chun Yu was asked whether TVB lacked talent and needed him to return to save it.  Chun Yu said, "TVB doesn't need others to save it, it can take care of itself.  If it is described as a rescue, then the person who saves it gets too much credit."

Ron Ng Cheuk Hei's former girlfriend Zhang Xinyu reportedly called Tsui Tsz Shan earlier to call her a slut.  Tsui Tsz Shan said, "The show promotion is already over and won't need any more endless promotion.  It should be time for a lead change!  I haven't talked with her over the phone, we don't know each other.  I only learn from the report that she is Ng Cheuk Hei's girlfriend."  Tsui Tsz Shan said that some people would say anything but she stressed that she was not a slut.

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