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Director Clifton Ko Chi Sum's ATV program aired its first episode with guest Michael Hui Koon Man, who talked about his stand up comedy performance experience.  Star of many classic comedy films, Hui Koon Man said that stand up comedy was not only his performance but also his personal interest.  "Back then I watched someone performed stand up comedy in the U.S.  At first I didn't believe that one person would be able to make the audience laugh throughout the entire show.  Later after I saw the whole performance, I indeed laughed the whole way through.  It was wonderful.  Since then I began to study stand up comedy.  In addition I have loved to talk since I was little.  Stand up comedy can satisfy my interest and hobby in this area."

Hui Koon Man performed his first Hong Kong Coliseum stand up comedy show in 2005, which not only fulfilled his dream but also was a lot of fun for him.  However he thought the viewer amount would be the best around 2000 people, because this amount was able to maintain the interaction between the performer and the audience.  During his stand up comedy performance he liked to cite examples and make comparisons with three people, his wife, his daughter and his brother Ricky Hui Koon Ying.  He explained, "If I cited others as examples I might 'insult' them, but my wife, daughter and Koon Ying wouldn't be mad at me.  Regrettably Koon Ying now has already left us!"

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