Sunday, December 25, 2011


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With his rising popularity due to YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE, Giddens Ko yesterday attended a Christmas book fair in Hong Kong and held a forum.  Giddens Ko pointed out that this time he came from Beijing to spend his second Christmas in Hong Kong.  Originally he wanted to hold another event to promote the film box office, but the team wanted to celebrate Christmas Eve and he did not want to bother them.

The APPLE box office has already broken 60 million and would likely become the Chinese film box office champion of all time.  Giddens Ko said that the film was still 500,000 away from this mark, but he thanked Hong Kong cinemas for their support and still continuing the run.  Yet he revealed that he will not make another film in the next two or three years as his profession was writing novels.  He would not starve to death if he did not make movies.  In the future he will continue to write books.

This Christmas Giddens Ko was in Hong Kong and did not have time to be with his girlfriend.  On New Year's Eve he had to translate a friend's wedding.  He joked that this friend had problems to wed on this day as everyone would have to count down with him.  He would make time to be with his girlfriend though.  He also joked that his friend was getting married due to pregnancy.  Would he follow his friend's footstep?  He said that he would not because he has always been very safe.  Reporters joked if he has taken safety measures?  He joked, "What kind of rotten question is that?  We are a normal couple!"

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