Monday, December 26, 2011


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Two nights ago on Christmas, Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin) and director Doze Niu Chen-Zer attended a Taiwan promotion for their February film release LOVE.

How did Siu Tin spend Christmas?  He said that this year was the coldest Christmas.  He knew Taipei's restaurants and cinemas would have many people, so he went to Northeast Coast where it was truly super cold.  What did he give his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu?  Siu Tin said, "We kept each other company, giving her a complete companion was already the best gift."

Earlier reportedly Siu Tin applied to military service exemption because he was flat footed.  Siu Tin said that it was not like he could apply just because he wanted to, the departments had to make a decision.

Director Doze also clarified for Siu Tin and said that Siu Tin has always looked forward to his military service.  Over the years Siu Tin always said that military service should not be avoided.  To him military service was a great life experience.  Director Doze continued that sometimes Siu Tin's friends would use some great opportunities to tempt him into keep delaying his military service.  Actually now Siu Tin might report at any moment.

Director Doze hoped Siu Tin would be able to promote LOVE with him before the military service, but Siu Tin was not in charge of the decision.  He himself did not want to postpone it anymore as he wanted to face this matter as soon as possible.  Siu Tin also reiterated that at work for now he did not have much planned.  Before his military service he would promote LOVE and hoped to reach as many places as he could.

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