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The film DEAR ENEMY's director Xu Jinglei and Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) yesterday attended a event in Shanghai.

Lee Chi Ting said that as a music creator, he had a lot of opportunities to come in contact with computers.  All the songs on his first record STARTING TODAY were created through digital recording software on the computer.  Thus he demanded a lot from his computer products and both looks and functions were very important.  Would he focus on looks of his girlfriend as well?  Lee Chi Ting said of course but similar thinking was the most important.  Has he tried any authentic cuisine in Shanghai?  He said that the film promotion schedule was tight so he did not have a chance to go out.  He was able to catch a rare glimpse of the beautiful outer Bund scenery because it was close to the event location.

Lee Chi Ting after completing the film promotion would return to Hong Kong for a small fan meeting on Christmas day.  He also chose gifts for the most outstandingly dressed fan that day.

Two days ago they also with Christy Chung Lai Tai promoted the film in Shanghai.  Ending her 7 year marriage earlier, Chung Lai Tai was caught with a handsome man at Central early October but finally denied the romance.  Two days ago she discussed her current view on love.  During the shoot she was in the middle of her divorce.  Her co-star Xu Jinglei deliberately changed lines for her so during the performance she would sob beyond her control.

Chung Lai Tai admitted that the lines deeply touched her soul.  "When I read the script I would shed tears.  At the time we just separated and I planned to divorce my husband.  The lines truly was very close to my view on marriage and love at the time!  For example 'If I knew earlier I wouldn't have argued with him.  I hoped that the two of us would be happy everyday.'  She stressed that now her mind was very open about love and compared love to sand, the tighter you grasp it the easier it is to lose.  It had to take its natural course as she believed in destiny.

Earlier rumored to be in love again, Chung Lai Tai clearly said that she did not have a boyfriend.  However she also said that she could not be without love in her life.  "I believe love has an expiration date, which to me is 6 months.  If after that we still like each other, we can continue to be together.  It's not easy for two people to be together.  I have to cherish the sweet love everyday!"

The mother of three daughters would not deliberately "look for a new father" for them.  She said, "I don't feel that children must grow up with an elder male around.  Since they are all grown up, knowing to grow up independently is the most important."

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