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The Daniel Lee Yan Kong directed film WHITE VENGEANCE (HUNG MOON IN) starred Leon Lai Ming, Zhang Hanyu, Feng Shaofeng, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Liu Yifei, Jordan Chan Siu Chun and others.  Lee Yan Kong pointed out that this film was not only the turning point of the Chu Han conflict, Xiang Yu and Consort Yu's love was classic among ancient romance.  Thus in this film he arranged for Feng Shaofeng who played Xiang Yu and Liu Yifei who played Consort Yu to die for love in the snow.  The Western Chu King and the Concubine's love was the most gut wrenching legend, this scene was made for the audience to cry.

Aside from Xiang Yu and Consort Yu's earth shattering love.  Lee Yan Kong in the film added Liu Bang's crush on Consort Yu because he thought Consort Yu was absolutely the most beautiful, there was no way that only Xinag Yu fell for her.  As Liu Bang in the film, Lai Ming joked that he secretly fell for Liu Yifei, but her love for Xiang Yu was like a swan.  Even if Liu Bang loved her, she only loved the King.  Director Lee Yan Kong said that to make the romantic element stand out in an "all male" film, the first condition was "quality over quantity" because the love between Xiang Yu and Consort Yu truly was etched into the bones, so tear jerking that seemingly no one could replace them.

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