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The TVB Anniversary 2011 will take place tonight.  Nominated for Best Actor with LIVES OF OMISSION (CHIM HUNG JUI GIK) Michael Tse Tin Wa is the favorite to win his first Best Actor.  Although the award is not yet in his hand, this Best Actor to be will already be on the battlefield.  His film release at the end of the month TURNING POINT 2 (LAUGHING GOR ji CHIM JUI FAN) will be the only Hong Kong film
for New Year.  Its trailer has already been officially released!

Facing a group of foreign film, would Tin Wa feel any pressure?  He admitted, "I don't have much pressure.  I believe many Hong Kong and mainland comrades will support this only Hong Kong film, so I am confident.  Like last time with TURNING POINT (LAUGHING GOR ji BIN JIT), I don't have to have too much pressure because during the shoot I have already done my best."  Would winning television Best Actor help with the box office?  Tin Wa thought, "They are two different things, one is a series the other is a film.  They aren't too related.  If it helps then it's bonus." In the trailer, Tin Wa had many internal emotional scenes.  The most eye catching of which was being attacked from behind in the shower by Chapman To Man Jat.  However Tin Wa kept his mouth shut and declined to reveal any plotline.

The character of "Laughing Gor" has brought Tin Wa fame and fortune.  He often reminded himself not be remain aloof and had to have his feet firmly on the ground.  He could not give people the impression of overnight success arrogance.  Tin Wa admitted that the character was considered his representative work.  "Laughing" seemed to possess him ordinarily, but he was not too concerned about being "typecast".  He said, "I have been very lucky to run into such a good character.  The character is very different.  He went to a series supporting character to a film then to a series and a film again.  Now everyone calls me Laughing more than Tse Tin Wa!  However I am not too worried about being typecast.  My acting is more and more mature.  I differentiate from the character very clearly.  Now when I take new roles, the biggest challenge is for viewers not to see the shadow of Laughing.  That would represent success."

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