Saturday, December 24, 2011


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Tang Wei, Rene Liu (Lau Yeuk Ying), Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and Jimmy Lin (Lam Chi Wing) starred racing film SPEED ANGELS (GIK CHOOK TIN SI) will be opened on December 28 in the Mainland.  The film two nights ago held its Beijing premiere, but three female leads did not appear.  Only Siu Chi and director Jingle Ma Chor Sing came in support.

Siu Chi this time was also the film's racing consultant.  He pointed out that all three lead actresses were interested in racing and praised that they had talent.

Siu Chi discovered that all three female leads had very manly side, as if gas ran into their blood.  During the shoot, Pak Chi's son Lucas often visited the set.  Siu Chi and Pak Chi would also exchange parenthood experience on the set.

Director Ma Chor Sing pointed out that Tang Wei in this film gave her first fight scene.  When she knew she had a fight scene, she was surprised because she has always played mostly dramatic scenes.  Ma Chor Sing continued, for this fight scene Tang Wei privately made a lot of preparation.  The result was also great.

Cheung Pak Chi worked with Ma Chor Sing earlier on FLY ME TO POLARIS (SING YU SUM YUEN).  Ma Chor Sing pointed out that Pak Chi at the time was like a blank slate.  He still clearly remembered at the time how he taught her how to act.  Now Pak Chi was already very mature and her eyes were different.  They seemed to contain a lot.

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