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The Media Asia invested and distributed, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Lin Chiling, Zhang Jingchu, Tong Dawei starred DWELLING IN THE FUCHUN MOUNTAINS is in production now.  Lin Chiling truly gave her all for the film.  Aside from revealing her back earlier, earlier when she worked with Tong Dawei she had to display her legs for Tong Dawei to touch.

In the story Lin Chiling and Tong Dawei's ambiguous relationship remained mysterious in a chamber.  Tong Dawei was submissive in the relationship and would not stop bothering Lin Chiling.  He even admitted that his murderous intention in the film was aimed at his nemesis Lau Tak Wa.  His white hair left chills in many.  Despite giving in to Lin Chiling's every whim, Lin Chiling admitted, "In the film he is creepy, having your feet washed isn't as enjoyable as the outside imagined."

As for Dong Dawei who bent over and washed the beauty's feet, Lin Chiling even held his head.  He joked that even Lau Tak Wa was not so lucky but he was.  Tong Dawei felt very lucky himself and was very gratified.  Would such a position give him an unstoppable fantasy?  He joked, "I don't dare!  I was already very nervous before touching her leg.  I was afraid that she would think I was taking advantage of her and I remained very tense.  Luckily Lin Chiling was very friendly and told me to relax.  Actually she was afraid that I would have many bad takes because her legs were lifted in the air, which actually was very tired."

However because in this film they had to feel ambiguous, cold yet full of tension, finally the scene was shot almost ten years.  The crew had to keep changing the water because they were afraid of freezing Chiling's legs.  Chiling said that after this scene her actually feet were a little wrinkly.  However the foot bathing scene still felt fun and she thought it was a decent experience.

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