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Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu in ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2012 (BAK SING PO HEI) had an enormous breakthrough.  This time Chi Tan played a failing rock star Tam Koon Wing, a complete opposite of his kung fu superstar image of recent years.  He appeared in Indian costume for the first time.  For this scene, Chi Tan and Kwan Yu secretly rehearsed the song and dance routine in hopes of bringing viewers an all new feeling.

Chi Tan said, "For every movie I hope to have new attempts.  This year is my second one with a Lunar New Year production.  I wanted to bring a new character to the audience so I talked with the director.  Finally we decided on a character that no one would imagine, a rock n roller singer and not a popular one at that.  In order to this character, Kwan Yu and I spent a lot of time of rehearsing singing and dancing.  I hope the
audience will be able to sense my sincerity."

Chi Tan said, "For the musical number and the Indian costume, I not only had to darken my face but also sing and dance in high heels.  When I put on the costume though, I surprised even myself because the
result was pretty realistic.  With the live music I really seemed to be in India."  Kwan Yu said, "I really feel this time I have lost my mind, agreeing to play a past her prime singer with Chi Tan.  In the past Lunar New Year films have been very comfortable, but this time I had to make several music video and sing and dance in them.  Chi Tan of course had no problem.  He was used to the exercises so his body could handle it.  I saw how much effort Chi Tan put into it, which forced me to keep up.  After all day I almost collapsed, I really made a fool of myself."

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