Tuesday, December 6, 2011


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Jimmy Lin participated in the film SPEED ANGELS (GIK CHOOK TIN SI) as a star and racing consultant.  A month before the shoot Jimmy Lin trained Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Tang Wei and Rene Liu (Lau Yeuk Ying) one on one in racing.  He said that Pak Chi was a natural racer, Tang Wei picked it up very quickly and drove steadily, and Lau Yeuk Ying focused on practical technique and studied in detail; their driving style was very similar to their personalities.

Earlier when Jingle Ma Chor Sing prepared for SPEED ANGELS, he thought of working with Jimmy Lin.  The "Little Cyclone of Asia" is the first paid professional racer in Chinese show business and has won international racing awards.  Ma Chor Sing at first invited Jimmy Lin to be the racing coach for the three female leads as the racing technical consultant.  During the shoot he thought Jimmy Lin was wasted as just the behind the scene coach and consultant and suggested for him to play the team coach.  Because Jimmy Lin has been busy with racing he has not made a movie in six years.  Thus he gladly accepted the role and claimed that the director really knew how to do business, hitting two birds with one stone.

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