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The Giddens Ko directed film YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE after 57 days in release in Hong Kong (as of December 15) accumulated HK$ 60.41 million at the box office to become this year's highest grossing Chinese film and only 870,000 from breaking the highest grossing Chinese film in Hong Kong, KUNG FU HUSTLE (61.28 million).  In order to break Stephen Chow Sing Chi's KUNG FU HUSTLE record, YOU's goddess Michelle Chen yesterday came to Hong Kong for two days to promote the film.

Michelle Chen was very happy about YOU being such a hit in Hong Kong and said that she grew up on Hong Kong films.  She truly never imagined that her movie would be so popular with the Hong Kong audience.  Her box office guess was less than half of the current amount.  She admitted that at first she worried whether Hong Kong viewers would be able to accept the Taiwan storm.

Was she confident about breaking Sing Yeh's KUNG FU HUSTLE record?  She said, "I like to watch Chow Sing Chi's movies very much.  He is my idol.  He has already reached god status.  To be so close to god is quite a honor.  Whether the KUNG FU HUSTLE record can be broken the audience will determine that.  With YOU's current performance I am already very touched."

Caught with Joseph Cheng Yuen Cheung and Tony Yang (Yeung Yau Ning), Michelle Chen admitted meeting them but denied dating either one.  She pointed out that they were only good friends.  She often went for hot pot casserole with a big group of friends.  Was Ko Chen-Tung the real deal?  She said no, currently she was single.  Because work has been too busy she did not have time to be with a boyfriend.  Would they have any chance to develop into a couple?  She said that life was full of infinite possibilities and admitted that they were all her type.  If she did not like their type she would not be friends with them.

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