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CineAsia 2011 Gala final night banquet took place two nights ago.  Famous film producer Terence Chang Ka Chun received the Producer of the Decade honor.  Chang Ka Chun said that this award was an encouragement.  In the future he will keep working hard and produce even more good movies for the audience to enjoy.  In the past Chang Ka Chun has produced countless films, many of which had both good word of mouth and ideal box office.  Yet he has not made one that he was satisfied with.  He said, "I always feel the next one will be the best, but from an overall perspective, foreign film FACE/OFF is considered the most complete."

Speaking of future projects, Chang Ka Chun pointed out that in February he will produce the John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) directed SUN SEI LUEN (LIFE DEATH LOVE, tentative title).  This film will shoot in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan.  The female lead has already been confirmed to be Zhang Ziyi.  He said that this film has been in preparation for three months.  Originally it was to start production in August, but because the approval process it could not start work.  Ziyi has been waiting for them, for which they have been very grateful.  In addition, Li Bingbing was on the guest list as well, but because she was working on the foreign film RESIDENT EVIL V in Canada she could not attend.

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