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The Wilson Yip Wai Shun directed, Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Wu Chun, Wu Jing, Karena Ng Chin Yu, Yan Ni, Tonny (Chung Ming) starred fantasy film MAGIC TO WIN (HOI SUM MOR FAT) has been slated for a December 1 release; the five male leads will play magicians of the five elements metal, wood, water, fire and earth.  Although Hong Kong rarely makes this film genre and its experience naturally cannot compare to that of Hollywood, Wu Chun, Wu Jing and Chung Ming said that they were not afraid of comparison.

Speaking of the difference between magic, professional magician Chung Ming, Wu Chun and Wu Jing explained that one required training and many props while the other was truly magical like a super power.  Thus the film had a lot of special effects, wire and computer generated effects.  It even had many scenes that required acting with air, which even Wu Jing said was a lot of fun.  For his first modern fantasy film Wu Chun also praised the feeling as very interesting and fun.  In particular Hollywood made more movies of this genre and Hong Kong less.  Was he worried about comparison?  He immediately said, "Of course we can't compare with Hollywood, but our director has many of his own ideas.  He can use a small budget to achieve the effects that he wants, which is something that may not be able to achieve overseas even with money."  Wu Jing pointed out that with more consideration the production could not be made.  Thus no one should think too much and should just make the film first. Since he was not dead yet, he still had opportunities.

Speaking of the production, the trio said that it had both pain and joy.  Wu Jing said that during storms and rain the location would be very dirty and hot.  However he was also very happy that this was the first time he did not get hurt from a fight scene.  Despite the fact that the director asked him to make over 100 flips and only used one, the result was well worth the effort.  Wu Chun pointed out that the most difficult was the numerous night scenes because he could not sleep during the day.  In addition in the film he had to play injured, playing fragile was rather difficult.  Wu Jing joked that he could help and beat him into a fragile state; as for joy, Wu Chun pointed out that although they came from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the collaboration was pleasant.  In particular with Chung Ming around, they could ask him to perform and teach magic tricks.  Chung Ming joked, "Everyone knows where my hardship lies, haha; actually everyday on the shoot has been very happy.  The tough part is when I am trapped inside a small and hot prop box.  Ordinarily this trick only took five to ten minutes, but for the shoot it took 30 minutes."  He also revealed that Wu Jing planned ahead.  Before he even started dating he already learned to make a wedding ring appear for the proposal.  Wu Chun learned card tricks but absolutely would not use them to get girls.  He joked that with Wu Chun's qualities he did not need to rely on them to be able to get girls.

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