Monday, December 19, 2011


Christy Chung, Aarif Rahman, Xu Jinglei
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Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) and Stanley Huang (Wong Lap Hung) and Gigi Leung Wing Kei starred in the romance DEAR ENEMY, which joined the holiday fray.  Earlier, Aarif and director Xu Jinglei, Wong Lap Hung and Christy Chung Lai Tai attended the Beijing global premiere.  Then he went to many cinemas and had face to face exchanges with enthusiastic fans.

Aarif revealed that this film was about a financial industry war.  He played a reporter who continued to dig and tail for stories.  Aarif said that his character was a destroyer but also a builder who witnessed Xu Jinglei and Wong Lap Hung's "intimate" relationship.  Local media pointed out that his character was absolutely a representative of the new generation otaku.  Aarif said, "When I played this character, the first thing was to study how to look the most convincing with the camera.  In the film the camera was a tool that I constantly held."  A stranger to the financial industry, he in order to play this outstanding financial person even asked for his friends in the financial world for advice in order to smoothly deliver the film's professional terms.

The film was Aarif's first with a Mainland director.  He was both surprised and pleased to be able to work with Xu Jinglei.  He revealed that Xu Jinglei was a very strict teacher but also gave a lot of development space to her actors.  The collaboration process was both pleasant and comfortable.

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