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Nicholas Tse was a guest at co-star Jay Chou's concert
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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung often personally performed his stunts.  For the film THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) he even personally jumped from eight stories above into a narrow gap.  Luckily he did not get hurt.  Afterward he admitted that it was very satisfying and even hoped that such "life risking" Hong Kong action would spread.

In the scene Ting Fung who was in a prisoner's outfit and barefoot kept running inside a building.  While fighting with many guards he was bloodied.  When he had nowhere to run he jumped from an eighth floor window.  He recalled, "I had to jump into a narrow gap.  Even if my arms were spread wider they would be broken right away.  Thus at the time I wasn't afraid of the height or dying, I was only afraid of getting hurt and unable to finish the scene."  After completing such a highly difficult stunt, he said, "My biggest satisfaction was neither the lack of injury nor completing the stunt, but this fire that still burnt inside me to perform such life risking 'Hong Kong action'.  This type of Hong Kong film spirit I still hope to carry on a little more or less."

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