Thursday, December 15, 2011


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Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) will have two films including THE ALLURE OF TEARS (KING SING JI LUI) and DEAR ENEMY (CHUN MUK DIK YUN) to be released during the holidays in the Mainland.  Thus Aarif in December will traverse nonstop between China and Hong Kong to participate in film promotions.

Aarif yesterday went to Hangzhou with Joe Chen Qiao-En, Gigi Leung Wing Kei and Dou Xiao to attend THE ALLURE OF TEARS global premiere press conference.  Aarif stated that in his past films his romantic segments have all been lightly touched upon, but ths film was a complete romance.  It was the first romance of his career.  Aarif said that for this type of movies he had to learn how to deliver emotions to co-stars, which was very interesting and fresh.  In addition proper communication before the shoot with co-star Zhou Dongyu was especially important.

In addition, the host asked how Aarif could cry on cue in the film.  He said that the director deserved the credit.  Before the shoot she explained the importance of this scene to him and taught him how to release his emotions.  Aarif even took the chance to catch up with Zhou Dongyu and others on this trip with hot pot casserole.  Aarif said that later Zhou Dongyu will come to promote in Hong Kong and he definitely will introduce her the beautiful Hong Kong scenery at night at the Peak.

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