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The Gordon Chan Ka Seung produced, Carol Lai Miu Shuet directed suspense thriller CHING MAI (LOVE MYSTERY) due to its sensitive subject has been kept confidential without any promotion since its production began.  Yesterday its release company finally revealed that the film has already passed the film bureau content inspection and would be prepared for a March 2012 nationwide release.

CHING MAI is about Shu Qi who played twin sisters Wai Heung and Wai Bo's relationships with the Shawn Yue Man Lok played stage actor Fong Yik Nan.  The sisters turned against each other and wanted to end their  relationship.  The biggest challenge of CHING MAI was Shu Qi having to play two different characters.  Although before the production she was mentally prepared, during the shoot the sister roles were repeatedly exchanged and Shu Qi became neurotic due to the excessive burden of adjustment, in order to interpret the sisters' detailed expressions and different personalities thoroughly.  Over the almost three month long shoot, Shu Qi had to juggle and also drove herself mad, the crew was scared of her and dared not easily contact Shu Qi who usually would be very friendly.  After the shoot, Shu Qi said that CHING MAI has exhausted her physically and mentally.  She needed to rest for a long to be able to recover.

Due to the sensitive subject, daring sex scenes were definite.  CHING MAI ran into numerous obstacles, from screenplay inspection it received several adjustment requests from the film bureau.  The film challenged the moral bottom line under the temptation of love and lust.  Chan Ka Seung lamented, "CHING MAI's story rose and fell, unusual human nature in this relationship appeared.  Shu Qi with this film's breakthrough performance would hopefully win another Best Actress award."

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