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Diva of a generation Anita Mui Yim Fong has passed away for eight years.  Her international fan club yesterday on the anniversary of their idol's death as usual went to pay their respect to Ah Mui at the Kowloon Tong Shang Shin Chun Tong and at night they held a memorial event at Central.

Ah Mui's older brother Mui Kai Ming around noon arrived at Shang Shin Chun Tong to pay his respect to Ah Mui, after staying for awhile he left two bags of clothing and fruit before departing.  Over ten Mui fans have been attentively folding offerings inside.  In front of Ah Mui's tablet were a large floral arrangement with purple roses and orchids, the words "Forever Miss You", a still of Ah Mui from the film THE MAGIC CRANE (SIN HOK SUN JUM), as well as some of Ah Mui's favorite food.

This year the most special was an appreciation certificate.  According to fan club president Ms. So, in the past Christmas, they on behalf of the fan club held an opening ceremony for the second Anita Mui elementary school in Ah Mui's hometown in Guangxi.  The fan club donated 150,000 to rebuild a new school campus so its 279 students would have a better learning environment.  The Ah Mui friends donated, the first Anita Mui elementary school has already been completed in Guizhou.  Now the second elementary school has been established as well.  The fan club would continue to extend Ah Mui's charitable heart in hopes of even more Anita Mui elementary schools in the future.

At night, the fan club held a memorial at Central with 200 fans in attendance.  When the memorial began, the entire venue held a moment of silence.

At the entrance was a donation box.  Fans with HK$100 donate would receive a Sotheby Anita Mui jewelry auction booklet, the proceed would go to the construction of the third Anita Mui elementary school.  A special exhibit was set up to display photos of the founding of the second Anita Mui elementary school.  Ah Mui's friends and disciples including Andy Lau Tak Wa, Sammi Cheng Sau Man and Grasshoppers all recorded videos that were shown at the memorial.  They hoped that charitable people would be able to support An Hui's noble wish of gladly helping others and make donations.

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