Tuesday, December 20, 2011


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The Strongest in the Universe Donnie Yen Chi Tan starred and action directed new film THE ICEMAN COMETH 3D (3D GUP DUNG KEI HUP) has already begun its pre production work.

Earlier Chi Tan after meeting with producers Stephen Shiu and Stephen Shiu Jr. went to the set for a 1:1 Iceman mold.  During the process, Chi Tan's entire head was brushed with multiple layer of material and cold wax.  His entire face was sealed with only his nostrils left for breathing.  The process took over a hour.  To maintain the wax figure's best condition, Chi Tan had to tolerate itches and could not breathe heard.  He could not move either.  However he had no complaint.  Finally the process was done in one shot and Chi Tan's effort was not wasted.

After the process, the film company will begin promoting and put the wax in costumes for Mainland cinema display.  The film already began promoting before it even started production.

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