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Clifton Ko Chi Sum hosted a 53 episode ATV talk show and invited Michael Hui Koon Man to be his first guest.  The program taped at Central yesterday.  Ko Chi Sum revealed that the program would be about culture and art, politics, film industry memories, etc.  Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Raymond Wong Pak Ming and two Chief Executive candidates Tong Ying Nin and Leung Chun Ying were on the guest lists.

Ko Chi Sum said that he invited Hui Koon Man mainly due to his enormous influence on the film industry and stand up comedy scenes.  On the program they talked about their film CHICKEN AND DUCK TALK (GAI TUNG NGAP GONG).  Hui Koon Man admitted that he would like more culture and art related activities in Hong Kong.  He discovered that ATV news in its final minutes would show something with culture or social uniqueness.  In the seemingly dark atmosphere now, this indeed was able to bring the society some balance and joy.

Would he consider inviting Sam Hui Koon Kit?  Ko Chi Sum said that he has.  Hui Koon Man joked, "You might as well invite (Ricky) Hui Koon Ying too.  However this year would be the first time the three of us couldn't share the stage, it would be very special.  I thought about the future stand up comedy shows and how to bring out his image.  Ultimately I am not very used to performing on the stage, I really wanted to have support from my brother."  Reporters suggested that he could use projection like Beyond did.  Hui Koon Man joked, "I could, but if the fake one didn't show up and the real one did, then it would make a great ghost story!"

Hui Koon Man revealed that he still would see his late brother Hui Koon Ying in his dreams and thought that he would owe himself forever.  When he was alive, he often scolded him but Hui Koon Ying liked to be coaxed.  Looking back he should have treated his brother a little better.  Thus everyone should truly cherish those in front of them.  He also revealed that he would probably remember him during the stand up comedy segment and talk about his thoughts about him.  Hui Koon Man said, "I used to love to joke about him and my old lady, I was afraid of insulting others when I talked about them.  I could only force the dead cat on them.  However every time he heard he would crack up backstage."

Ko Chi Sum also said that he was not worried that the program would make the audience too sentimental because sentimental laughter was acceptable.

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