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Rising this year, sex goddess Yang Mi took part in the Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced holiday film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2012 (BAK SING PO HEI).  To keep from burying her potential, directors Chan Hing Ka and Chun Siu Chun added some sexy scenes for her.  Since the film will be a holiday film, it will have to meet the principle of fit for the whole family.  Thus although she appeared in a bikini, the result would be healthy and sexy.  Used to being sexy, Yang Mi had no difficulty with the bikini.  The most unexpected for her was the weather.  She said, "The night before the shoot a warning signal 8 typhoon was issued.  The directors expressed that the shoot might be cancelled.  Luckily the next day the signal was reduced to 3 and the shoot went on.  However the temperature dropped from the 30 some degree Celsius average to only 16 degrees.  With the 6AM shoot, I almost died as the cold kept me shivering.  When the cameras weren't rolling, I could only wait in the water and keep swimming to stay warm because it was very windy as soon as I left the pool.  Luckily the crew prepared hot tea and towels for me.  This scene truly was very memorable for me."

Wong Pak Ming admired Yang Mi's professionalism because the night before the shoot he and the directors discussed whether to change the script to keep her from going into the water.  She knew that this scene would bring good promotional effects so she insisted on personally performing it.  Wong Pak Ming said, "I was in a suit by the pool and I felt cold.  When she rehearsed with me her legs were shaking from the cold, my heart truly ached.  I hope the audience would be able to sense her sincerity."

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