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Tang Wei in the film SPEED ANGEL (GIK CHOOK TIN SI) played a taxi driver Siu Yi who loved to drive fast.  She was also very trained in kung fu as she was able to fight one against four.  She was very happy about displaying her abilities on the big screen for the first time to make up for WU XIA not fulfilling her "action actress" dream.

Tang Wei received her on screen mother Cheng Pei Pei's kung fu training.  She learned wholeheartedly and personally performed fight scenes.  Despite all the bruises and pain she was fine, she only hoped that no one would be too picky while watching.

In the film opening she had a fierce fight scene and had to use Tai Chi.  Tang Wei said that each time she was on the set, the director would change the way they fought and she would go back to learn the new style; later she realized that the director wanted to challenge her limits.  After completion she had a special sense of accomplishment.  Cheng Pei Pei also praised her, "Tang Wei has hope to become a new style heroine!"

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