Tuesday, December 13, 2011


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Yesterday Nat Chan Pak Cheung and Ken Hung Cheuk Lap attended a student directed and starred film premiere.  Ah Lek was rumored to being taking over for TVB chief Stephen Chan Chi Wan to help his friend Chan Kwok Keung.  Brother Lek said that he did not even have enough time to play and joked that he already toughed out the first half of his life.  In the future he would have to keep his companion company and believe that someone capable would be able to take over.

Ah Lek said that as an artist, the transition to an executive would be difficult.  Instead Chan Chi Wan could easily switch from executive to artist.  He joked, "Save his spot for shorty (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai!  Someone capable will fit in, only for now no one can see who it is."

Playing the older brother of a handicapped person in the film, Hung Cheuk Lap often fought with his girlfriend over family matters.  He said that in real life he once had a sassy girlfriend who was very possessive.  When asked whether he was under his girlfriend's control now, Hung Cheuk Lap joked, "Now the company got me under its control."

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