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After suffering indecent assault at the hands of Joe Ma Tak Chung and Benny Chan Ho Man in Hengdian, Rose Chan Ka Wun called the police for help upon returning to Hong Kong.  Chan HO Man earlier made a public apology that was not accepted by Rose's master Sin Kwok Lam.  Yesterday Chan Ho Man published an apology statement in Hong Kong and Mainland newspapers and made a donation to the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation.  Master Sin after discussions with Rose and her mother finally accepted Chan Ho Man's apology and ended all legal action.

Master Sin Kwok Lam yesterday held a press conference at his office and stated that he would show as much mercy to Chan Ho Man as he could.  Originally yesterday was the deadline for civil lawsuit and Mainland police reporting, but after seeing Chan Ho Man's statement he thought that he was very sincere.  After discussion with Rose and her mother he decided against taking further action.  Master Sin said, "First I communicated with Rose and her Mommy.  With their approval I came to make the announcement.  Since Chan Ho Man's last public apology, he through different friends contacted us and made suggestions.  Finally a friend suggested a press release and donation.  We felt he was sincere and the donation to End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation would be meaningful, leave Chan Ho Man with a deep impression and self awareness and show that he has the determination to change."

Master Sin forgave Chan Ho Man out of mercy.  He said, "I myself have made mistakes, public apology requires courage and fearless spirit.  At first he didn't handle it well, now he is very sincere.  I heard that Mainland press release required a personal appearance, with a lawyer as a witness.  The donation to End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation can also protect fragile women."  Master Sin considered that reporting to the Mainland police would require Rose to make another statement, which would be very stressful on her psyche.  He hoped that the matter had a better resolution.  He said, "Chan Ho Man and I both had daughters and understood the responsibility of being a parent.  Don't give him too much burden.  My wife supported his apology and donation idea.  The matter should come to an end.  I hope everyone would return to work anew.  We will take no further action and the matter is completely resolved for everyone."

When asked how much Chan Ho Man donated, Master Sin said that he was not at liberty to discuss the amount but it definitely would not be less than Ma Tak Chung's donation.  As for whether Rose was forced to accept his apology, Master Sin said, "I am only her master, I can't represent her and her mother.  They have to be willing to accept it before I come out and make the announcement."  As for private settlement banquet, Master Sin said, "No need, we understand each other.  We don't need any deliberate tea presentation in apology."  Would he prohibit Rose from drinking?  He said, "Actually I suggested Rose to learn to drink after age 18.  Sometimes girls have to entertain outside and she wouldn't get drunk so easily."  As for whether Chan Ho Man's intermediary was someone in the business, he said, "Many helped, they didn't want any deserve so I am not at liberty to reveal their names."  The matter supposedly involved the mob, Master Sin said absolutely not.  From now on he would not object to Rose working with Chan Ho Man and Ma Tak Chung.  Has Rose already forgiven Chan Ho Man?  He said, "She said that, I have communicated with Rose's Mommy, I feel the matter should end here."

Chan Ho Man yesterday attended a television series production start ceremony in Hangzhou.  After learning Master Sin Kwok Lam's acceptance of his apology and having Master Sin, Chan Ka Wun and her mother's forgiveness, he felt very comforted.  He again thanked Master and Ka Wun for being magnanimous.  He will forever remember this matter as a warning.  He will fully focus on work and take the chance to thank friends at the media for their concern and support over the month.

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