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The world's first IMAX 3D epic FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE (LUNG MOON FEI GAP) exceeded 340 million RMB in the Mainland box office since its release.  The IMAX 3D box office also reached 30 million.  The film company not only arranged for 14 screens to show the Mandarin version but also on 2 IMAX 3D screens on its second week of release.

Tsui Hark said that FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE was a challenge of Chinese film production.  "Because many always thought that Chinese 3D production was poor, after we received the investment he found a crew that was passionate about movies to fulfill this goal."  This film in the Mainland received critical and commercial success, as the film has broken even Tsui Hark could relax.  Tsui Hark said that he spent a lot of time and effort on this production.  In order to achieve international quality, he hired AVATAR 3D visual effect director Chuck Comisky to be the film's 3D production consultation in hopes of exploring a new age for Chinese 3D film.

FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE not only caught attention as director Tsui Hark's exploration of the wuxia world with new film technology but also Tsui Hark's reunion with Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit) after 14 years.  Lee Nin Kit admitted that he took the role not only because his trust in Tsui Hark but also 3D.  This was his first 3D wuxia film, in which he participated with a mentality of exploring, understanding and learning.  He was also very curious what kind of experience the 3D wuxia world would bring to the audience.

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