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Vincent Zhao Wenzhou recently was accused of acting like a big shot and rejected to accept the Donnie Yen Chi Tan produced film DUT SHU SUN FUN's work notice.  His manager and the production both have issued statements, both sides with their own perspectives.  Zhao Wenzhou yesterday attended a press conference with his wife Zhang Danlu to further clarify this issue.  At the event Zhao Wenzhou also issued a statement about the production dispute with his own signature at the bottom.  Zhao Wenzhou said that recently some media's untrue reporting has already created damage to his his personal social value, solemnly he read the
prepared statement.  He said that he dissolved the contract with the production because of the other party's contract content changes without authorization.  Zhao Wenzhou's lawyer also issued a statement that any behavior that would damage Zhao Wenzhou's reputation, image and other legal rights would result in legal action.

The statement pointed out that recent reports of Zhao Wenzhou's arrogance were severely untrue and confusing.  They not only misdirected the public but also damaged his personal social value.  Thus he clarified, first the termination of the collaboration was due to party A, the production team's contract violation and changing the contract content without authorization.  Secondly, currently he has returned to Beijing due to party A ripping up the contract and discontinuing the collaboration, thus he no longer needed to continue to stay at the production location.  Finally, he wanted to say that everything he has said above was true.  If this matter has any new development he will inform everyone.

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