Wednesday, December 5, 2012


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Time Magazine announced its 10 best films of the year. Ang Lee's LIFE OF PI came in third and Peter Chan Ho Sun's WU XIA came in eighth. 15 years ago Chan Ho Sun's COMRADES ALMOST A LOVE STORY (TIM MUK MUK) was in the top ten as well. Chan Ho Sun was surprised to hear the news because WU XIA has been seen as a bomb that even made him question himself.

Chan Ho Sun said that WU XIA's box office did not reach 200 million, its performance was quite distant from its expectation. The reviews outside were quite polarized as well, as negative reviews made him question himself. At first he thought that he found the road that was suitable for him to make a wu xia film, but in the end the general public did not agree and made him whom was always self confident to feel that he had too high of an opinion of himself. He said that he could lose the money and the movies, but he could not lose the person. The failure of WU XIA was an indisputable fact, because as long as one viewer disliked this film it was a failure. Now with the Time Magazine recognition, he was also relieved. He said that 15 years ago COMRADES ALMOST A LOVE STORY was selected as one of the 10 Best Films and brought attention to him for these 15 years. This selection of WU XIA, the film that warms his heart but also breaks his heart the most, was quite meaningful as well.

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