Sunday, December 16, 2012


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Wilson Chin, Chapman To, Wong Jing
Jim Chim
Tong Fei, Wong Cho Nam
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Chapman To Man Jat, Wong Cho Nam, Jacqueline Chong Si Man, Jim Chim Shui Man and Tong Fei yesterday attended the film BLACK COMEDY (HAK SIK HEI KET) production start ceremony. To Man Jat in recent years has focused on comedy. He said that in order to encourage investors to make Hong Kong style comedy that had no Mainland market, he would charge half his rate for this type of movies. Was he confident that BLACK would be a big hit? To Man Jat said, "It's the first day of the shoot, I still don't know yet. If I promote like my life depends on it during its release, everyone will know!"

Cho Nam in the film plays a couple with Tong Fei and would have an intimate scene. He said that every time he had an intimate scene he would report to his girlfriend Leanne Li, because when he worked on a kiss scene with Christine Kuo, his girlfriend after watching asked him whether he could not make such scenes. As for Leanne Li's kiss scene, Cho Nam said, "I would teach her how to kiss a little better!"

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