Monday, December 17, 2012


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Chow Yun Fat autographs Huang Xiaoming's cast
Huang Xiaoming makes a surprise appearance
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Chow Yun Fat yesterday along with THE LAST TYCOON (DAI SEUNG HOI) team Wong Jing, Francis Ng Chun Yu and even the still in recovery Huang Xiaoming appeared at the Shanghai premiere. The main cast appeared in their film costumes. Fat Gor pushed protege Huang Xiaoming's wheel chair and gave everyone a pleasant surprise; for the event he took the high speed rail to Shanghai. Fat Gor and Huang Xiaoming "flirted" in front of everyone. Fat Gor gently said to Huang Xiaoming that he still came from afar to promote even though he was injured, it was truly such trouble for him. Then he gave an evil laugh and said, "Good, you aren't dead yet."

They played the same role in different versions before, now they play the same character again. Fat Gor said that it felt very wonderful. At first he wanted Huang Xiaoming's Hui Man Keung to be better than his, and indeed it was better than his because he was more solid than he was.

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