Sunday, December 16, 2012


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Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin) in the film THE GUILLOTINES (HUET DIK JI) suffers injuries from Shawn Yue Man Lok. Huang Xiaoming saves him and takes him to a village for treatment. During the shoot, Siu Tin needed injury make up on his upper body and took over a hour. He was bashful and joked that for the first time in his film career the make up artist had to apply make up on his nipples. The scene was shot outdoors in Xian, where the temperature was only 5 degrees Celsius. He faced the chilly wind topless for two hours. Siu Tin said that making THE GUILLOTINES provided a lot of shocking education to him, whatever he was afraid of he was arranged to work on. He had a fear of heights so he had to work on wires. He was afraid of explosions and the director "rewarded" him with a ton of explosives to enjoy.

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