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Chow Yun Fat buddies up to Andrew Lau
Michelle Hu
Tong Fei, Monica Mok, Yolanda Yuan
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Huang Xiaoming made an appearance via video
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Chow Yun Fat, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Yolanda Yuan Quan, Monica Mok Siu Kei, Tong Fei, Andrew Lau Wai Keung, and Wong Jing two nights ago attended the film THE LAST TYCOON (DAI SEUNG HOI) premiere. Huang Xiaoming due to his leg injury was absent. Chun Yu in Fat Gor's presence became a fan. He not only bowed to him but also chok for a photo face to face. Chun Yu said, "I am afraid to lose to my idol, but Fat Gor definitely wins!"

Fat Gor said that he still had to lose over 10 pounds in order to work with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung next year. He said, "In mid January Ting Fung and I will work on Wong Jing's Hong Kong film that is like GOD OF GAMBLERS (DOH SUN). Ting Fung is very thin, I have to lose weight." Fat Gor is a famous "television addict". Did he have favorites for Best Actor and Best Actress? He said, "The favorites are (Wayne) Lai Yiu Cheung and (Myolie) Wu Hung Yi. I watch (Tavia) Yeung Yi's later stuff more. (Kate) Tsui Tsz Shan I didn't watch until the finale. Her drug abuse performance is pretty good." Did he watch Tsui Tsz Shan's rape scene? Fat Gor joked, "It was very little (short), Yeung Yi's rape was a big longer and had lip biting."

Did he not like Damien Lau Chung Yan's chances to win Best Actor? Fat Gor said, "Great! Why not? However he isn't a biological son." Raymond Lam Fung is a "biological son" (TVB artist) so he will definitely win? Fat Gor did not respond and instead asked, "Isn't Lai Yiu Cheung a biological son?" Fat Gor felt that the Best Supporting Actor Award was between So Gay and Sam Shun (Jerry Koo Ming Wa, Chan Kwok Bong). He said, "Performing Art Academy vs. Performing Art Academy. Best Supporting Actress favorite is (Elena) Kong Mei Yi. Is she a biological daughter?" As for the numerous incidents in show business recently, Fat Gor only joked that (Eric Tsang) Chi Wai constantly got drunk.

Chun Yu told a friend that he worked with Fat Gor on a movie but he played a villain. His friend joked that if he did not play the villain what would be left for him to do. Fat Gor joked, "Then next time I will play the villain." Chun Yu said that he was not worthy of that and was afraid that the audience would not accept that. He continued, "Fat Gor is fitter and fitter, I too am a lot thinner. Because when I was working overseas on TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES II I wasn't used of the Western nations' food and time difference, I lost 10 pounds." However he denied that he "did not get a good meal" while working on the TVB series. Speaking of his online arguments with Wu Hung Yi's fans, he said, "They came over to my place and said something that was not related to TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES II. The opinions that they expressed should be discussed in their own place. I wanted every post to be cleaner."

Huang Xiaoming due to his leg injury was unable to attend the premiere in Hong Kong. He expressed his regret through video. In a wheel chair he humorously said, "This look of mine is a salute to Fat Gor's ONCE A THIEF (JUNG WAN SEI HOI)." Fat Gor joked, "ONCE A THIEF had 'wires', he didn't have any 'wire'."

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