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The outspoken Jackie Chan's recent comments have led to a series of troubles. In a Mainland interview he revealed that he carried 3 guns on him to prevent mob invasion of the film industry. Once he ran into over 20 people with knifes and fended them off with 3 guns and 6 grenades. The police immediately began an investigation of possible violations. Jackie Chan saw another controversy and immediately clarified that his gang confrontation was in the U.S. 35 years ago, it was a misunderstanding and he even denied that the Hong Kong police has been brought into the matter.

Jackie Chan yesterday promoted the film CZ12 (SUP YI SUN CHIU) in Shanghai. He responded to his guns and grenades comment. "I truly don't dare to say anything more, it only took a few words to cause such a big misunderstanding. It happened 35 years ago during a shoot in Texas in the U.S. Who knew it would lead to such big trouble! From now on I truly have to speak less when I promote." He blamed himself for speaking too fast during his interview and not clarifying.

"At the time some foreigners came to cause trouble on the set. My two bodyguards had two guns and six grenades. My gun came from my bodyguards." he had bodyguards because he was afraid of crazy fan disturbance. He also received a bullet threat before. Recently due to the U.S. shooting incident he was reminded of the past. He never expected it to cause a misunderstanding. He denied that the Hong Kong Police has begun an investigation.

Some said that since he has seen it all, he should have been able to handle it with ease. He lamented, "I am not God, I am an ordinary person. During the CZ12 Beijing premiere, I led the cast in the theme song performance. Because the screen music video had different timing than the live performance, I was accused of lip syncing. I said I thought about THE EXPENDABLES 3, the news headline next day was Jackie Chan confirmed joining THE EXPENDABLES 3. In the past when you misspoke people would correct you, now whenever you misspoke just a little others would make random changes or additions. From now on I truly have to be more careful with what I say."

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