Sunday, December 30, 2012


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Lau Pui Kei posted a photo with his two late friends Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui
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Denise Ho remembers her mentor's teachings
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December 30th was the 9th anniversary of Anita Mui Yim Fong's passing. Many friends in the business yesterday remembered her online. They included good friend Lau Pui Kei and disciple Denise Ho Wan Si. Lau Pui Kei was both a mentor and a friend to Ah Mui. He missed this loyal and loving friend. He remembered at her final birthday party when she said to her friends to "cherish reunions", he finally whispered into Ah Mui's ear, "Fate willing we will meet again, be careful on the road. I love you!" Lau Pui Kei also said that he designed the most beautiful wedding gown of his life for Ah Mui, as the most beautiful her wed to the stage without any regret. Lau Pui Kei even posted some photos from his collection, aside ones with Ah Mui, they also included late friends Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing and Roman Tam (Law Man).

Ah Mui's disciple Denise Ho Wan Si also shared her memories. She said that over the 9 years she has not gone a day without missing her mentor. When she watched videos again her tears uncontrollably flooded out. Ah Si said that she has not forgotten every word that Ah Mui said to her. Under her mentor's influence, she did not think about how to be a star but how to be a good person. Ho Wai Si even had a date with Ah Mui, "A little later, see you in Heaven."

Auyeung Tak Fan on a cable program shared his photo with Mui Yim Fong in Japan. This was his first holiday, at the time he only had enough money for the round trip flight. Thus he was worried about the trip cost. However Ah Mui told him to relax. She covered his food, room and board and he was able to go.

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