Thursday, December 20, 2012


Laura Weissbecker, Yao Xingtong, Zhang Lanxin
Yao Xingtong
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Jackie Chan in the new film CZ12 (SUP YI SUN CIU) successfully discovered female stars Yao Xingtong, Zhang Lanxin and Laura Weissbecker's potential. In terms of acting and presence the trio have performed well. Yao Xingtong in the film displayed her knack of language. She said, "My dialogue included French, English, I spent nine months to study them and had no bad take at all. Instead in one scene I had to slap Big Brother, I slapped too hard and had a bad take! In another scene I opened a car door. Because this was my first collaboration with Big Brother and the first shot of the shoot, I was very nervous. Finally my face ran into the car door, bad take!"

Zhang Lanxin is a Tae Kwon Do expert and displayed her abilities in the film. She said, "Making a movie was much harder than training. For my first movie, due to the story I couldn't wear padding and bruised my leg. I still had to keep fighting, luckily Big Brother gave me a lot of instructions." French beauty Laura Weissbecker in the film did not have to fight but had to fall off a cliff. Luckily Jackie Chan gave her confidence and guaranteed her safety.

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