Monday, December 10, 2012


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Charlie Yeung Choi Nei's first film as a director CHRISTMAS ROSE will be released in the first season next year. Recently she has been working on its post production and commuting between Hong Kong and Beijing. Though being busy made her thin, she rather enjoyed the process. She hoped to be able to take a few days off for Christmas and rest overseas.

Was she afraid of neglecting her boyfriend, Yeung Choi Nei played coy and said, "Don't ask me about this. Right now I am focused on the film's post production. All my friends want me to make the movie great, then I will invite everyone to watch it." Yeung Choi Nei has been busy with the film and reduced her job negotiations, but she did not mind. "Making money is not the most important. I enjoy doing something that I want to do very much." She did not mind the difficulty of working behind the scene. As long as she had a good story she would direct again.

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