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Zhang Lanxin, Yao Xingtong, Jackie Chan, Laura Weissbecker
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Jackie Chan after being blasted for his 2009 comment of "Chinese people need to be controlled" recently again made another "grand statement". He said that Hong Kong has already become the protest capital that "complains about everything and protest against everything", which should be controlled. Jackie Chan instantly was blasted online, as a protest to stop watching his movies rose. Even Mainland netizens called him brain dead.

Jackie Chan yesterday attended the CZ12 (SUP YI SUN CHIU) premiere. He explained that his intention was to improve Hong Kong, perhaps he misused his worlds but he would respect everyone's opinions. Was he supporting the China central government? Jackie Chan said, "I am not saying anything more."

Jackie Chan earlier in a Mainland publication interview not only reiterated "Chinese people need to be controlled" but also claimed that Hong Kong has become the protest capital that "complains about everything and protests against everything", thus "what can be protested against and what cannot be protested against should be regulated". Jackie Chan also defended the Chief Executive, "Everyone who came to power got yelled at. I don't believe that every Chief Executive came to power to harm Hong Kong." His comment upset many Hong Kong people, who aired their displeasure online and even stated that they would boycott against him. Even Mainland netizens called him brain dead.

Jackie Chan last night attended the CZ12 premiere and responded online before hand. "I never imagine that a few words from me again take up some newspaper headlines. If you disagree with my opinions, I absolutely respect your freedom (to criticize). When I see so many protests in Hong Kong, I would worry that foreign visitors would ask if Hong Kong is really that bad? I have been to many places and I feel Hong Kong truly is great. I feel that I talked about my disobedient behavior of my youth only because I want to say that when I wasn't educated I would think about using violence to resolve problems. Originally I should listen to my friends' opinions and speak less, but because I love Hong Kong I can tolerate no more. I was fast with my words and spoke my mind. My flaw is 'saying what I think', sometimes my words don't convey what I mean. I welcome anyone to correct my mistakes. I actually only want to say, people cannot disobey the law. Governments and leaders have to think of a fair way to manage their people and resources."

Jackie Chan was asked about being blasted online. He said, "It's no big deal! Who truly doesn't want Hong Kong to do well? When everyone disagree, I would respect their freedom of speech. Originally I want to properly explain, but in the general atmosphere now it would only get worse. I believe those who understand would." Was he supporting the China central government? Jackie Chan after thinking for two seconds said, "I am done, I am not saying anything more. Maybe my words don't convey what I mean." He reiterated, "Who wants Hong Kong to do poorly? I hope Hong Kong people would be more tolerant. Do they have to tolerate Leung Chun Ying? You ask Mr. Leung, don't set up traps for me to step into!"

As for his good friend Eric Tsang Chi wai recently was accused of slapping Kenny Wee (Wong Ho), Jackie Chan asked if he was messing around. He would ask Chi Wai. Jackie Chan also said, "I read about (Josie) Ho Chiu Yi's news but I don't know the details. I only wish for harmony in the society." Speaking of Chi Wai and Chiu Yi's troubles were related to Wong Ho, Jackie Chan asked, "Who is Wong Ho? I don't watch the news or microblog comments. I remain neutral and unaffected by others. I am me. If no one agrees with me, I would respect that."

Attending the premiere were the film's 3 "Jackie Girls" Zhang Lanxin, Yao Xingtong, and Laura Weissbecker. They said that they were busy with the promotion and Jackie Chan has not have the time to show them around Hong Kong. As for his wife Joan Lin (Lam Fung Giu)'s cameo, Jackie Chan jokingly suggested for her to "wrap up her head" to go to the movie, but she declined as she was afraid of the crowd. She would rather book a screening later.

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