Friday, December 7, 2012


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The Emperor Motion Picture, Jackie Chan Productions and Huayi Brothers joint release CZ12 will soon open. Big Brother Jackie Chan worked on the film on a mysterious island and ran into a large lizard. Big Brother invited it to guest star.

Jackie Chan joked that on the set he had "many strokes of genius". Not only hand grenades, machine guns, rockets were used as comedy props, but on the mysterious island he also ran into a giant lizard that was silly looking and very tame.

As Jackie Chan approached it, the lizard did not dodge and slowly went about its own way. Jackie Chan then daringly picked it up, much to the surprise of everyone. Yet this lizard let Jackie Chan pick it up like a kitten. Later other actors like Yao Xingtong and Laura Weissbecker were not afraid either as they took turns to embrace the lizard. Finally Jackie Chan even gave it a cameo in the film!

Speaking of the production, Big Brother admitted that it was very tough because he indeed pushed all the actors to their limits. Whenever he was able to do everyone had to be able to do. To display the shock of the treasure hunt, Jackie Chan made the interior designs their best. In the Mainland a 100 year old ship was constructed in a 5,000 square meter studio. He said, "Such a large studio is very rare, luckily a good friend is making a movie and heard about my need. He backed out and said Big Brother you shoot first. Living up to the audience expectation, making movies with diligence and details are the secret of my success over the years!"

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