Wednesday, December 12, 2012


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Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, Hong Kong Film Director's Guild and other affiliated organizations yesterday held a press conference to plead with the government to issue additional free television licenses as soon as possible. Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers president Ng See Yuen felt that "film and television are family". Many excellent filmmakers came from television, and more television stations would be able to strengthen employment opportunities and cultivate talent. They also stressed that they are not targeting any company and helping anyone, their starting point is purely due to the future of the industry.

Director Yee Tung Sing also pointed out that the Hong Kong film industry generation gap has become more and more severe, he believed that an additional television station would be able to resolve the issue. As for negative competition, he said, "I can't see this possibility, instead it would improve local production. (Did Ricky Wong Wai Kei ask you for help?) No, I only met him once. We didn't even chat." Was he afraid that the market was not large enough and ATV would have to close? The organizations felt that should be left for the market and investors to gauge, as they believed competition would bring improvement.

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