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Alan Tam calls his hairstyle "Six Ounces and a Half"
Veronica Yip acts like a big kid on the set
Eric Tsang directs Wilson Chin (seated), the Wynners' Anthony Chan and Ah Keung
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Veronica Yip Yuk Hing, Alan Tam Wing Lun, Anthony Chan Yau, Peng Kin Sun and the "Hong Kong style Psy" Wilson Chin Kwok Wai yesterday worked on the Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG 2013 (NGOR OI HK 2013 GUNG HEI FAT CHOI) at the Shaw Studio. Producer Eric Tsang Chi Wai was present to supervise. In the story banker Chin Kwok Wai went to collect from restaurant boss Tam Wing Lun who co-signed for a friend "Wong Ngai Gei". Alan's wife Hing Hing immediately made her displeasure known to him and even immediately puffed out her chest to threaten him!

During the shoot, Hing Hing saw the "counterfeit Psy" and excitedly took photos with him. She said that her children's favorite was Psy but they watched the Hong Kong version more times than the original. Working with Hing Hing for the first time, Tam Wing Lun looked hilarious. He joked that Bak Leung Gum cut his hair and the style was called "Lok Leung Boon" (Six Ounce and a Half)!

Guest starring in a comedy after so many years, Hing Hing admitted that comedy was hard. She was nervous and had a lot of pressure from all the media coverage. "At first I thought since I came to play and work part time, I wouldn't have much pressure. I never expected to regret it after I took it because I had to put down the children. However so far I rather enjoy it. (Would you make another film if the acting bug grows?) When the acting bug acts up of course I would, but the schedule has to be accommodating. Even if I am willing, I don't want to bother others if I perform poorly."

Hing Hing said that she was the happiest about being with her mother who suffered from hemiplegia. She said, "When I came back before I came with a big group of people. I didn't stay too long in Hong Kong. Thus over the decade there I only saw Mommy at one or two dinners. After having my son she hasn't come to the U.S. for nine years. In the past half a year her health has been very poor and she had a stroke. She is almost 90, I have to cherish our time together more."

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